HME – No 4 – Self-taught Animation (P.2)

According to the internet, one 24 min episode took one month to finish. My project is 2 min long with the timeline contains of seven weeks. Feels like I can pull it of.

I got Talia to collaborate with me to help me with the sound of the animation I also ask one of my friend in APE class to help me with drawing the animation.

Like I said, animation is (about 90%) NEW to me so I look into a lot of tutorials and software. I realise that I have to pay money for a lot of the animation software and I don’t want to waste money or time into learning a new software in such a short time. So, I decided to use the traditional way, just like the old time. drawing frame to frame, write out the frame on the timeline sheet. It may took longer but at least I understand how it works better then the new software.


Let’s continue from last post about animation production for self-taught animator.

This help me a lot about how the anime production create one episode.

Summary :

1. The script – which you write down what happen.

2. Storyboard – Determine the cuts/scenes, dialogue, camera angle, character.

3. Character design – A character sheet to compare, making sure that the style is consistent through out the animation

4. Key animation – Background – The key animators start the key animation and the background painters paint the background for each cuts.

5. In-between animation – Smooth out the animation.

6. Digital Painting – colouring the animation.

7. Cinematic – Putting everything into an anime, adding effect, lighting, etc.

8. Sound effect/ Voice over.

Short and precise video, very helpful.

In Short, animation production include: the script, the story board, character design, draw pose to pose, add in-between, colouring, background, cinematic and sound.

Next one is about timing.


We talk about Music in class today, a very conceptualise definition of music!??

The art of science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds or both to produce beauty of harmony and expression of emotion.??

The art of science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds or both to produce emotion.

Music is  art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch, rhythm, dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture”

If the music is catchy, I probably would call it good music. I feel like a dumb when it comes to music…


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